Bahceli Villa - A lovely villa with sea and mountain views in Northern Cyprus
If you are interested in Roman civilisation, where the East meets the West, Cyprus is rich in history. Maybe the romantic stories of the Crusaders' and why so many ancient castles and fortified harbour cities were buit in Cyprus, holds an attraction for you? Cyprus is a deeply historic island, this is etched into the landscape and, out at sea, ancient ruins are being discovered.
Within site of my villa's garden, just a 10 minutes walk, you can see the site of Macaria; a protected archeological area of Roman ruins. If this interests you, the owner of the Eagle's Nest bar has started a small museum and he will be proud to tell you more about the significance of this ancient site.
30 minutes’ drive to Bellapais Abbey to see the Gothic architecture or enjoy an evening meal by the Abbey. Abbey used for concerts, musical renditions and other events – see details at Abbey for evening entertainment.
Drive for 45 mins to visit Europe’s only remaining divided city, Nicosia, and cross the green line by foot!
45 minutes’ drive to historic fortress harbour of Famagusta. Go to Othello’s Castle and the ancient Citadel.